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Due to recent events at another site I felt it prudent to setup a temporary home just in case our regular hang out spot becomes untenable and strays further away from the regular discussion and discourse of consenting adults.

This may be the start of something new or a quick blip for members to come and vent. For now think of it as a banned camp of sorts.

This site is being run on a connection with 10Mbps upstream. If lots of peeps show up the site may get slow. If the power goes out it may go down for a bit.

If you have an IT background and/or a desire to pitch in as an admin or a mod the site has potential to grow and perhaps be moved off-premise to something more robust. To paraphrase Mel Gibson in Braveheart we could have something we've never had before; A Forum of our own.

You will need to register to see the other forums where the discussions are occuring around recent events.

Try to behave. :)
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